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Welcome to New Vision Community Church!
Welcome to one of the most exciting churches in Central Florida. You will enjoy quality praise and worship and messages that are Biblical and relevant. Come visit our 9-10:00 am or 10:30-11:30 am service and find what you've been looking for!

Dress is business casual, so don't expect a lot of suits and ties. Relax and enjoy New Vision Community Church... a different kind of church!
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Thank You For Giving
When you give to New Vision you are helping to support missionaries around the world, orphans, widows, single moms, and others in need.

So, we are pleased to offer you this convenient, online method for giving your tithes and offerings. It is a safe and convenient way to give to those less fortunate than yourself. Thank you for giving.

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Upcoming Events at New Vision Community Church
Cliche' - The Truth Behind The Saying
Cliche' - The Truth Behind The Saying
New series starts this Sunday, July 23, with Dr. Dan Tyler, Lead Pastor.

There are 158 cliches' we use commonly that are taken right out of the Bible. In this series we will look at just five and save the rest for next year. Ha!

Here is the lineup: - SERIES #6 - Clich': The Truth Behind The Saying July 23 - Aug 20 (5 weeks)

Sun, July 23 - "You've Heard One Side Of The Story," Clich', part 1

July 30 - "Don't Be A Doubting Thomas," Clich', part 2

Aug 6 - "Don't Make Me A Scapegoat," Clich', part 3

Aug 13 - "Fight The Good Fight," Clich', part 4

Aug 21 - "Go The Extra Mile," Clich', part 5
Child dedication/Water baptism
Child dedication/Water baptism
July 30th we will be having child dedications and water baptisms. If your baby or child has never been formally dedicated to the Lord, now is your chance. Jesus was "dedicated" to the Lord on the 8th day.

This is not infant baptism. This a time when the child is anointed by the pastor and a words of protection and provision are pronounced over the child and family. he pastor will also lay his hands upon the family which is one way God transfers blessings. In the Old Testament verbal blessings of this kind were considered irrevocable.

If you are interested in child dedication or baptism please contact Riva at rpfeifer@newvisioncc.com.
There's Nothing Like The Local Church When The Church Is Working Right!
There's Nothing Like The Local Church When The Church Is Working Right!
New Vision is a great church. Not a large church... only about 350 people. But, a great church.

Here's a letter we received recently:

Dr. Tyler and Staff at New Vision:

I want to thank you for welcoming us into the church. So many amazing things have happened to my husband and I since we became members at New Vision.

I first felt we were in the right place when the church provided a wedding for a pregnant couple. Instead of being judgmental or apathetic about the situation, the church came together to provide a beautiful celebration of marriage.

Then, I joined a summer small group. That helped me regain faith in Christian women; I have had some very hard experiences in my past with "good Christian women."

When my husband needed a full-time job, Dr. Tyler laid hands on us and within a week or two my husband was granted full-time in his current position. And we were finally able to get pregnant after we started attending New Vision. We had been trying for over two and a half years and finally we were blessed!

We love everyone at New Vision. It really feels like our church family. Thank you for everything you do, all the prayer and support. It is really appreciated.

We love you all!

Peace and love,

Less Is More
Less Is More
Being busy with religious stuff does not cause Spiritual growth. It can actually draw you away from God.

So, for most of us, Less Is More.

At New Vision we make that easy. Here's the plan:

a. First Sunday - Leadership Meeting from 12:00 noon to 1:30 PM.

b. Second Sunday - Small Group or Ministry Team gatherings.

c. Third Sunday - Newcomers Dinner from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

d. Fourth Sunday - Spiritual Gift Inventory, small groups, or Ministry Team gatherings.

e. Fifth Sunday - Communion, Baby Dedications, and Baptisms.
Financial Fitness Series Starts August 27
Financial Fitness Series Starts August 27
SERIES #7 ? Financial Fitness ? Aug 27 ? Sep 24 (5 weeks)

August 27 ? The Pickerings in Concert, "Fun With Finances," Financial Health, Part 1

September 3 ? Labor Day Weekend - ?The Foundation of Financial Health,? Financial Fitness, Part 2 September 10 ? ?The Law Of Contentment,? Financial Fitness, Part 3

September 17 ? ?The Laws Of Sowing & Reaping,? Financial Fitness, Part 4

September 24 ? ?The Habits of Financial Health,? Financial Fitness, Part 5

Service Times are 9:00 AM or 10:30 AM, with refreshments served between services from 10:05-10:20.
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